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Social Anxiety - About Us

Let your style speak for you. And let it speak for itself.

Social Anxiety Clothing is about embracing your inner beast – for those of us that would rather bite than bark. Strong styles represent our character – bold, complex, enigmatic. Powerful messages represent our minds – open, conscious, always thinking. Theodore Roosevelt said “speak softly and carry a big stick.” Let yourself be a force, even when you speak no words. The wallflower doesn’t need to be dull.

You may not be the loudest person in the room. Probably far from it. But you’re also the kind of person to let your actions speak for you. You let your work speak for you. And you let your style speak for you.

Style isn’t just fashion. You show your style through the music/art/writing you take in as much as what you wear. More than anything, you show your style through your way of thinking.

We’re more than a clothing company. We like to think we’re a mindset. And we want to bring you into our mindset: share in our art, writing, and fashion.

Social anxiety doesn’t have to cripple you. Let it be a term of empowerment.